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                Platinum Division to provide you with the best after sales service, have any questions and suggestions you can contact us.

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                Company News

                Huizhou Signed contract of advanced equipment manufacturing industry investment project

                At 3pm of July 1, 2016, business and politics people gathered in the Huizhou Exhibition Center to attend the opening ceremony of industrial alliance, Huizhou advanced equipment manufacturing industry investment project.

                Guo Wupiao, head of Huidong County, led relevant departments to POCO Innovation Park for in-depth re

                Guo Wupiao, head of Huidong County, led relevant departments to POCO Innovation Park for in-depth research

                POCO awarded the “Shenzhen Well-known Brand”

                On January 25, 2016, the selection result of The 2nd International prestige brand- The 13th Shenzhen well-known brand was announced, " POCO "brand, hold by POCO Holding Co. Ltd., was officially classified as Shenzhen well-known brand. In the past 12 selections, only 558 enterprises were awarded “Shenzhen well-known brand”, they are Ping an of China, Huawei, CIMC, MINDRAY, Thunder and so on. Only 1 per thousand of the total number of enterprises in the Shenzhen awarded.

                POCO was awarded the “2014-2015 Excellent Supplier”by ABB

                Guangzhou, China – Recently, POCO Holding Co., Ltd was awarded the “2014-2015 Excellent Supplier” on ABB DMPC Supplier Day 2015 held in ABB Microunion Traction Equipment Limited on Aug. 19, 2015. The praise is only awarded to supplier who continuously achieves or exceed ABB’s standard in R&D, quality, delivery, cost and management. In 2015, only three suppliers win this award in China.

                Birthday Party

                Today, POCO (Huidong) prepare a birthday cake and delicious meal for employees who is celebrating birthday during the recent days.he birthday people feel both happy and thankful about the party that specially prepared for them. And one Mr. Birthday says: “I celebrate my birthday every year, but this is the first time to celebrate birthday with so many people